Breeze App – Patient Instructions

  1. Patient receives email from HORMONE HEALTH USA – for the Breeze App
  2. Click on link to get started
  3. Put in info – Name, dob, confirm email and create password
  4. Set up Account
  5. Click on your app store icon to download app
  6. Allow it to install
  7. Allow notifications for our app – this is how we would send you info and notifications
  8. Skip straight to using BREEZE
  9. Log in Screen – Log in using email and password
  10. Sign in
  11. Click on your appt / check in now – this generates all your paperwork to fill out
  12. Take your photo or upload a photo
  13. Fill in all missing info – some will be the system from your initial set up for appt – this could include:  preferred name, social security number, emergency contact, referral source, drivers license picture front and back, health insurance care front and back.  Please take time to fill all of this out –  it is required.
  14. Medical History is up next – starting with Symptoms
  15. Medical History yes or no questions
  16. Autoimmune – explain if yes
  17. Other medical conditions or diagnoses
  18. Family history of any
  19. Surgeries or Hospitalizations
  20. Your pharmacy information
  21. Female – OB/GYN History including contraception method/Mammogram info/Mensi Info
  22. Male – URO History including psa/prostate/last physical date
  23. Social History
  24. Signature for Medical History
  25. Privacy Notices & Signature
  26. HIPPA Consent & Signature
  27. Cancellation / No Show Policy & Signature
  28. Blood Thinner/ INSAID & Signature
  29. Medications
  30. Allergies