Do you have questions about Hormone Pellet Therapy?

Since hormone pellet therapy is a lesser-known form of bioidentical hormone therapy, many people don’t quite understand the idea or the advantages. The answers to the following questions will give you a good idea of what to expect from your bioidentical hormone pellet therapy.

What does bioidentical mean?

Bioidentical hormones are a naturalistic option for patients suffering from menopause. Created in compounding pharmacies, bioidentical hormones eschew the normal synthetic route of supplemental hormones by offering customized combinations of hormones that address the specific needs of individuals. This unique approach means that your problems are more likely to be quelled through one appropriate dosage.

How does pellet therapy work?

Bioidentical pellet therapy is a method of implementing bioidentical hormones in a way that follows the normal systems of the body. After pellets are inserted into the body, they slowly release hormones into the blood stream. The consistent dosage is designed to copy the way that natural hormones spread through the body.

How does the procedure work?

Getting started with bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is fast and easy. A nurse applies a topical numbing agent to the flab of fat that covers the hip, and a small incision is made in order to create a space for the pellet. The procedure takes almost no time, and the patient departs with a reliable source of hormone treatment that requires no maintenance.

How long does a pellet treatment last?

Pellets are a long-lasting method of hormone therapy, but they do need to be replaced regularly. Women should get a new pellet inserted every 3 to 5 months, while men can wait 4 to 6 months.

Why is it better?

The theory behind hormone pellet therapy ascribes to the idea that natural supplements are healthier for your body. One of the greatest advantages of pellet therapy is the low-maintenance quality of the system. A quick doctor’s visit every few months maintains a consistent dosage of hormones that prevent the highs and lows often experienced by patients using other types of hormone therapy. Pellet therapy removes the need for daily use of pills or creams.

What changes will I see?

Pellet therapy produces similar benefits to other forms of hormone therapy, except that the advantages are seen consistently since hormones are released steadily. Patients can experience an increased sex drive, renewed energy, a more positive emotional state in general, fewer mood swings, and the alleviation of uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flashes.

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