Exercise for those over the age of 45 offers many unexpected benefits. Of course there are the advantages of better overall health and the decrease of medical problems, but exercise also offers older men and women emotional and psychological improvements.

1. Less risk of heart disease

Exercise increases heart health by increasing the heart’s muscle strength. This greater strength creates a lower resting heart rate, meaning that the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood through the body.

2. Lower risk of diabetes

Type II diabetes is particularly affected by regular exercise later in life. The Diabetes Prevention Program recently released a study that suggests that as much as 58% of type II diabetes can be prevented through exercise.

3. Fewer cases of stroke

Older men and women have a far lower chance of having a stroke if they work out. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article that states that exercise decreases the risk for stroke by 27%.

4. Lower blood pressure

Another health benefit of consistent exercise is lowered blood pressure levels. Blood pressure levels can be demonstrably lower immediately after a workout, and lasting results can be achieved within only a few months of regular workouts.

5. Decreased risk of cancer

The risk of colon cancer and breast cancer may be reduced by exercise, perhaps by as much as 50%.

6. Healthier cholesterol

Exercise is the most dependable way to get your cholesterol under control. Diet can help with this problem too, but exercise will quickly and effectively reduce your level of cholesterol.

7. Improved balance

Elderly people who exercise are less likely to have dangerous falls thanks to their increased capacity for good balance.

8. Quicker healing

Seniors that participate in workouts often find that their ability to recover from wounds is heightened, according to Janet Crozier.

9. Healthy body weight

Exercise will help you to maintain your ideal weight as you combat the body changes that inevitably come with age.

10. Higher energy

Even the most challenging workouts can leave you feeling empowered and energized. Furthermore, being in good shape allows you to maintain higher levels of energy for longer periods of time.

11. Mental health

Exercise is shown to relieve stress and alleviate depression. All those endorphins improve your mood and give you a more positive outlook on life.

12. Increased mental capacity

As you work out, your blood flow is increased, stimulating your brain and encouraging the growth of cells. Exercise can even prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

13. Stronger immune system

A strong body means a more powerful immune system, so exercise can help to protect you from common ailments.

14. Better sleeping patterns

Expending energy on workouts better prepares you to rest well at night.

15. Longer life expectancy

This suggestion may sound too good to be true, but it’s a well-known fact. Healthier people usually enjoy a longer life and even a better quality of life.

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