Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Patient receiving dermal filler treatment in Columbia, SC.

Dermal fillers have become very popular treatment choices for wrinkles. The appearance of wrinkles and folds can be smoothed by adding structure and volume underneath and bringing sunken skin back up to the surface.

Filler is great for plumping up lips, defining cheekbones, and creating a sharper chin and jawline.

  • Great for the perfect pouty lips, defined cheekbones, or a more pronounced jawline.
  • Your treatment plan will be customized to your goals and desires at your appointment.
We recommend
  • Cheeks: 2-4 syringes
  • Jaw: 2-3+ syringes
  • Chin: 1-2 syringes
  • Lips: 1-2 syringes
Before and after front view of dermal filler services in Columbia, SC.
Before and after side view of dermal filler services in Columbia, SC.

Sculplla Product

Sculplla is the latest anti aging treatment to hit the market giving “wrinkle -free” results without the need for any injectable fillers, needles, or downtime.Sculplla drives an ingredient called Poly L Lactic Acid (which is the exact same ingredient you’ll find in the filler Sculptra), as well as a blend of anti-aging favorites like caffeine and niacinamide into the top layer of your skin to plump wrinkles.

Image of Sculptra H2 Stem Cell Mist product.

We offer several options, such as ProNox, MKO Melts, and topical numbing, for pain management and comfort during our treatments.

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