PRP Hair Restoration

PRP is short for “platelet-rich plasma,” a natural component of human blood with a high concentration of platelets. These platelets are crucial for tissue damage repair in various cells because they contain growth factors, one of the most important influences of tissue repair. The platelets release growth factors that stimulate wound healing or hair follicle growth.

The process of PRP microneedling causes tiny injuries to the skin, which your body sees as a wound and begins to heal and repair by producing new skin. Additional benefits of added collagen production and growth factor support are seen.

  • Nonsurgical
  • Minimal discomfort
  • No scarring
  • Very little downtime
  • Long-lasting results
  • Available in Charleston Only

Did You Know

According to the American Hair Loss Association, 50% of men over 50 and 40% of women over 50 experience hair thinning and hair loss.

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