Fire & Ice Facial by “iS Clinical”

Also known as the “Red Carpet” facial, this intensive clinical treatment is designed to rapidly and safely resurface the skin, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing, softening, and encouraging overall skin rejuvenation.

Aquasure Hydrogen Facial

Aquasure infuses hydrogen water into our body to remove free radicals and boost antioxidant activity, which helps anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and other skin concerns.

Customized Facials

Our aestheticians customize facials based on skin type, goals and sensitivity. Facials are often recommended as a coupled service in preparation for other services to better results for laser and microneedling treatments.

Sculplla Product

Sculplla is the latest anti aging treatment to hit the market giving “wrinkle -free” results without the need for any injectable fillers, needles, or downtime.Sculplla drives an ingredient called Poly L Lactic Acid (which is the exact same ingredient you’ll find in the filler Sculptra), as well as a blend of anti-aging favorites like caffeine and niacinamide into the top layer of your skin to plump wrinkles.

Sculplla is a Korean facial that fills in fine lines, restores volume and brightens. Best when done in a series of 3, this treatment combines Poly-L-Lactic acid and growth factors to stimulate collagen. With no downtime, this treatment will lighten, brighten, and plump the skin.

Image of Sculptra H2 Stem Cell Mist product.
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