Top 5 Habits That Age You That You Should Stop Today

Everyone wants to age gracefully, and most of us would like to put off “aging” for as long as possible. But there are likely a number of things you’re doing in your everyday life that are actually aging you faster. To preserve as much of your youth as possible, avoid the following five habits!

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15 Benefits of Exercise After 45 – They Are Not All Physical

Exercise for those over the age of 45 offers many unexpected benefits. Of course there are the advantages of better overall health and the decrease of medical problems, but exercise also offers older men and women emotional and psychological improvements.

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Need To Get A Handle On Stress?

Being an adult is stressful. Between fulfilling your duties at work, taking care of yourself and your family, paying the bills, maintaining your health, and trying to fit in a social life, there are countless sources of stress in anyone’s life. While it’s impossible to totally eliminate all forms of stress, it is possible – and necessary – to learn to manage that stress effectively. Here are a few tips for taking a step back, relaxing, and avoiding some of the health consequences of long-term stress.

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