Michael Lord
Managing Partner

Michael Lord is originally from Spartanburg, SC. He has been residing in Charleston/Columbia area for the past 16 years. Michael attended North Greenville University and has been at CHHC since 2010. Michael is a family man with four dogs- two German Shorthaired Pointers, one Labrador, and one Boykin Spaniel. He enjoys spending time in the community, farming, hunting, and fishing. You can catch him having breakfast at Mozzo’s or Page’s Okra Grill before heading to the office with a to-go iced tea in-hand. Michael is passionate about being in the helping-people business. Michael believes that each of the CHHC team members are strategic leaders in their field that are constantly growing, and that they have been placed here for a purpose. Life is meant for living, not just existing, and Michael wants to see their patients reach that potential, as well as the entire team at CHHC.

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