As with all hormone therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy is intended to reduce the discomfort associated with menopause and therefore increase the general quality of life of a patient. Bioidentical hormone therapy offers extra advantages due to the high quality and customized nature of the hormones. If you are considering engaging in hormone therapy, examine the benefits discussed below to find out why bioidentical hormone therapy might be ideal for your situation.

A Natural Alternative

Most methods of hormones therapy utilize synthetic hormones developed by pharmaceutical companies. These hormones are not actually designed to match the hormones that decrease during menopause. Bioidentical hormones are created by compounding pharmaceutical companies that produce varied products that imitate the real hormones that menopausal patients need.

In addition, the process of disseminating the hormones through your body is often preferable. Pellet therapy is a more natural way of sending hormones into your blood stream. The slow release of the hormones offers a steady way to replenish your hormones and correct any hormone imbalances. Furthermore, patients no longer have to remember to take a daily pill or injection or apply a cream for hormonal relief.

Physical advantages

Bioidentical hormones are tailored to deal with your personal problems so that physical symptoms are more readily addressed. Patients habitually experience a dramatic increase in energy, as hormonal imbalances are fixed and the body is returned to a better equilibrium. Higher energy levels also renew your sex drive.

Other physical advantages include the decrease of your risk for heart disease and certain forms of cancer. As your physical capabilities are renewed, regular exercise is important for maintaining your muscle mass and strength. Symptoms like hot flashes can be repressed by hormone therapy, which greatly improves the comfort level of a menopausal individual.

Mental benefits

Many people who undergo bioidentical hormone therapy report an improved ability to concentrate. In addition, short-term memory is often found to be enhanced. This shift could be due to the fact that a patient’s increased energy allows him to exercise and get the blood flowing through the brain, encouraging cell growth.

Emotional stability

One of the most common problems during menopause is feeling out of control emotionally. Consistent bioidentical hormone therapy helps patients to reclaim their positive perspective, which reduces the depression, sadness, irritability, or even anger that often comes with menopause. As hormone levels are re-established, raging emotions are calmed, allowing both men and women to feel rejuvenated.

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