Aesthetics FAQs

Peels are commonly used to treat and correct aging, lax skin, tone and texture, hyperpigmentation, reduce pore size, brighten skin, and treat and correct sun damage. You can do a peel as often as every 4 weeks depending on skin type and your goals. Typically, a series of 3 is recommended. We offer 2 different strengths, and we will determine which one is best for you. Peels are seasonal, so you may want to schedule these in the fall when you won’t be enjoying the sun as much.

A solid skincare routine is a MUST and should be out on your bathroom counter! A typical skincare routine should consist of layered products: a cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, and daily sunscreen. We would recommend a consult first with your clinician to determine appropriate skincare options however.

During your consultation, our expert can determine potential causes for your acne. We typically take a layered approach depending on the severity; we offer a combination of radio-frequency microneedling, seasonal chemical peels, and corrective prescription skincare.

Yes! We have had great results treating and correcting sun spots, or hyperpigmentation. During your consultation, we can discuss the best combination of procedures and products.

Melasma is typically caused by a hormonal imbalance and sun exposure, and we can determine how to correct this sun damage similar to how we treat hyperpigmentation. Vitiligo is a loss of pigment and is a medical condition diagnosed and treated by dermatologists.

Medspas provide anti-aging services, skincare, and excellent products. Dermatologists diagnose and treat skin disorders and diseases and provide a more medical approach.

When you see lines starting to linger on the face after expression or lines that are present at rest, it is time! We recommend starting as early as your 20’s to prevent static permanent lines. It’s never too late to start smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Skincare is a $60B industry, and there are tons of products out there. It is what you do today that determines your tomorrow, so start today! Adolescents start experiencing hormonal changes, so that is the best time to start.

Full lips are in, and you definitely want an expert injector for your soft-lip product to plump the lip border and provide an even look for the top and bottom lips.

During your consultation with our expert clinician, we will recommend the best facials and take-home skincare routine for your skin, whether dry, oily, or anywhere in between.

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